Stroll in Winter

„Stroll in Winter“ is a music visualization of the same named track by the composer Veronika Hanl. Her idea was to create an arctic sound and to present an auditory winter landscape. In a synesthetic translation process, I tried to translate what I heard into a visual representation.

February 2018

Music Visualization,
Generative Animation

Structured like a winter walk that begins during the day and passes into the night, the dramaturgical and aesthetic strategies of the work are explored, and a narrative component is added. The smooth color gradients in the background seems graceful and reminiscent of the refraction of light in ice or the aurora borealis. The arrangements of the piece manifest themselves as constantly changing forms that move and develop in an organic and unpredictable way. Each instrument is associated with an optical element that reacts directly to the soundtrack and thus visualizes what is heard.

The tool VVVV was used to create this music visualization. VVVV is a hybrid visual-textual live programming environment and is used to create and manipulate video, graphic and data streams in real time. This means that the programming is not done by using a cryptic programming language but that objects and operations (so-called nodes) are interconnected in a kind of flowchart.