2.0 Magazine

„2.0 – Discourses from the Digital World“ is a free, multidisciplinary and intermedial publication for discourses from the digital world, edited by Galerie Eboran Salzburg and me. All contributions were collected by using an open call for submissions. Anyone could submit, the form was free to choose, the topic open to interpretation. The aim of the magazine is to illuminate the rapidly changing society and social realities and abysses and to create a network in which ideas can manifest themselves, which stimulates thought, awakens artistic potential and promotes creativity and exchange. The first issue deals with the topic of virtuality and im-mortality.

January – October 2020

Editorial, Curation

A special feature of the magazine is that it links the analog and digital world not only thematically but also physically. It is a hybrid. Each article in the issue is tagged with a unique hashtag consisting of the title of the issue, the order of the article in the issue, and the initials of the authors. If readers would like to expand the discourse, they can post their comments on social media with the respective article hashtag, which then converge on the website zweipunktnull.eboran.at. In this way, the exchange of ideas is brought back into the digital space. Another form of hybridization is evident in the way content can be received. The magazine has invisible digital layers, which are enriched with animated content, videos or sound. These layers can be activated with the free augmented reality smartphone app „Artivive“.