Data Mist Exhibition

Digital data seemingly has replaced what for a long time could only be determined biologically, the assessment of the uniqueness of every human being. People „know“ us. Yet we are more than the sum of the data attributed to us. With this conviction, the artist Eva-Maria Schitter and I took the issue as the catalyst for an exhibition at Galerie Eboran, Salzburg. We viewed these masses of data as a challenge to find ways out of the diffusion that the data-complex carries within itself. It was our goal to find a point of physical stability between the dimensions of an entity whose substance manifests itself only schematically. For this purpose I have created a temporary floor covering and an interactive wall mural, consisting of 7000 individual parts.

September–October 2019

Visual Design,
Interactive Art

Facebook Data Mural
temporary wall covering, interactive
approx. 7000 pieces of 4 × 4 cm stickers squares, 30 trigger images
6,80 × 3,20 m

The mural, which consisted of over 7000 separate squares, was a kind of snapshot of my digital data traces, which were left during ten years of Facebook activity. From selected information, I generated a graphic which resembled binary code. Individual stickers were printed with trigger images that could be scanned with the smartphone app „Artivive“ to unlock an invisible digital layer. Visitors were able to use their own smartphone to view individual, intimate details of my activities and interactions on the social media platform. The in some cases humorous glimpses of the to the public unfamiliar artist, posed the question of the real person behind the data-construct.

Free Fall
temporary floor covering
approx. 4 × 5 m

I simulated an endless shaft with lines of ora band installed on the floor. It is supposed to express the feeling of my falling self in the middle of the disoriented datacosmos. The work could and should be entered in order to place oneself as a falling object in the center of the imaginary vertical axis.